Frequently Asked Questions

Does Crown Financial Group have custody of my assets?
No. Crown Financial Group does not have custody of clients’ assets. All assets are held by TD Ameritrade Institutional. Each client has their own account at TD Ameritrade Institutional.

When I open an account or make additional contributions to my account, do I make checks payable to Crown Financial Group?
No. All checks are made payable to TD Ameritrade Institutional.

Does Crown Financial Group prepare my monthly statements?
No. As the independent custodian of clients’ assets, TD Ameritrade Institutional prepares and sends monthly statements directly to each client.

Does Crown Financial Group work for TD Ameritrade?
No. Crown Financial Group is an independent registered investment advisor. Crown Financial Group receives no compensation from TD Ameritrade Institutional. Crown Financial Group selected TD Ameritrade Institutional to perform custody and broker/dealer services on behalf of Crown Financial Group’s clients because of TD Ameritrade Institutional’s excellent track record of service and best execution of trades.

What does Crown Financial Group do?
As an independent registered investment advisor, Crown Financial Group makes investment decisions in conjunction with the client’s wants, needs and desires.

What’s the difference between a registered investment advisor and an “independent” registered investment advisor?
Registered investment advisors who are not independent, work for an employer. Consequently, their fiduciary duty to their client is diluted by their employer-employee relationship. As an independent registered investment advisor, Crown Financial Group serves only one master – the client.